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About the Author: This article is written by Joe Carter, who loves reading books on his iPad with Stanza app. Stanza gives him the freedom to find out what he loves without paying for anything, which is nice because he doesn't have a lot of money to give away. He's also really interested in electronics and technology in general. Feel free to email him at  j. f. Like this: Like Loading... Related Posts You may also like these posts:

Like this Article? Subscribe! RSS Feed Mark Forums Read More... Twitter Facebook Google StumbleUpon Reddit Email Print Delicious Digg Pinterest MySpacecybereak Other ... View all posts by rektha #2 Member Thanked 8 Times! Last Activity 11/16/2009 10:22PM About Me About Me I'm a 13-year-old boy from England who loves books, playing computer games, and the internet. I'm very interested in reading, but I can't afford online books without paying for them. I love talking to people so please feel free to email me about anything you feel like emailing me about. Guest Post Guest Post by Joe Carter #1 Member Thanked 6 Times! Last Activity 1/18/2012 2:26PM About Me Hello everybody, my name is Joe Carter and I am the author of 'Eragon' book series. It's a story that's about dragons, elves, magic, and friendship. It's also based on the fact that Eragon grew up being friends with Saphira and that his mother was an elf who fell in love with his father when they were both children. Moving on to the story, Eragon grew up in a small village being raised by his parents and their friend Brom who was a dwarf. During his childhood, he lived a peaceful life until one day when he was about ten years old, the King of the Empire 'Galbatorix' invaded their village. When Eragon got confused with what was happening, his mother came to him and told him that the king had sent his army to kill all of them. Then she said that he must go with her to her brother's house for safety. Then he found out that his mother was an immortal elf. He found out that she had to go to her brother's house to heal her. Then he started to wonder what the village was like when this happened. When he arrived in the village, it was in ruins and everyone in it had died or left the village, which he found out later was because they heard that Galbatorix's army had arrived. Eragon got scared and ran away from the village with his two best friends, Orik and Roran. They ran for days until they found themselves in the forests of Du Weldenvarden where Orik told them about his home city, Carvahall which is where Eragon's uncle lived. Enter Password For The Encrypted File Setup Autocad 2013 Exe


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